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Mini Caramels

Price ¥125

Morinaga caramels are very popular and sold in Japan since 1913. Discover them in a small version and 4 flavors : strawberry, milk, melon and chocolate.

Super Cola

Price ¥198

Super sour cola hard candy. A super sour outside melts away to a classic cola flavor and ends with fizzy goodness. Family pack with pop art design. Each piece is individually wrapped.

Drops - Grave of the Fireflies

Price ¥200

Grave of the Fireflies official edition boiled hard candy! We all love the traditional boiled hard candy, and now you have get it in an official re-fillable Grave of the Fireflies metal can! Get one today and re-live a Studio Ghibli classic!

Suppai Lemon

Price ¥42

"Suppai Lemon ni goyojin" (watch out for the sour lemon) is the Russian roulette of chewing gum. In each pack one of the three gums is extra sour! 

Puchitto Grape

Price ¥120

Pucchito Grape soft candy is fun to eat and tastes great too! You can pick one grape off the bunch or eat the bunch whole! Great grape taste that makes you say, "Yum!" :)

Juice Gumi - Fruit Mix |...

Price ¥215

Keep up with the collagen craze in Japan with these new series from Meiji 100. Fruitx Mix : Apple, Kiwi and Pineapple flavour. Contains Dietary Fiber, Calcium and 3800mg Collagen per bag. A delicious and natural soft gummy that taste like real fruit, nothing artificial tasting about them. Meiji's...

Mintia - Coffee

Price ¥130

MINTIA When you want to relax anytime, anywhere. An adult mint with a full-fledged aroma and taste of coffee and a comfortable, refreshing mellow scent. 50 sugarless mini-tablets. Colombian coffee used. 

Mentos - Blood Orange 'Say...

Price ¥125

New Mentos 'Easy to Connect'....just a better way to "Say Hello" The new "Mentos Blood Orange” flavor have a refreshing sweet and sour taste that is perfect for early summer! The best part is that in each candy you will find one of the cute illustrations of all 26 challenges that are based on the...

Pureral - Apple

Price ¥135

Pureral soft gummy candy, real fruit taste and a soft juicy core. Pureral fruit candy is as close to real fruit as you can get! Get fruity!

Puré Gummy PREMIUM - White...

Price ¥213

Kanro Puré unique fruit mix gummies, white peach and plum flavour. The heart shaped gummy candies are covered with sour sugar coating and filled with fruit jelly. Enriched with Collagen and Vitamin C! The bag is resealable so you can easily keep them fresh at all times.

Juice Gumi - Gold Kiwi

Price ¥135

A delicious and natural soft gummy made from concentrate of fruit juice.Gold kiwi is known to be sweeter and richer in vitamin C than green kiwi.

Whistle Candy - Ramune

Price ¥65

The best way to make your kids smile! Blow through a "Fue Ramune" candy and it becomes a whistle! Each pack contains 8 candies and a small toy. 

Mugen no mi

Price ¥125

Small candies, 3 flavors : soda (blue), grape (pink) and cola (yellow). Try mixing them to get a new flavor!

Drops - Classics (Fruit Candy)

Price ¥170

Drops, traditional boiled hard candy. They've been a favorite in Japan since 1908, so make them yours too. Featured in the famous Studio Ghibli film "Grave of the Fireflies" and enjoyed the world over ever since, these Drops will win over your hearts and your taste buds! Try some today and get a...

Melon Caramels

Price ¥120

Morinaga’s iconic caramels presented in a beautiful vintage packaging design, sold in Japan since 1913. Enjoy the refreshing mix of sweet melon from Hokkaido and condensed milk, perfect for summer! Each caramel cube have a firm texture, but gets soft as you chew. Pack of 12 individually wrapped...

Sonomanma - Soda

Price ¥42

Sonomanma Soda flavor is just like the other flavors in the Sonomanma range, pure evil!!! Don't be deceived by the cute packaging and the sweet, fresh aroma. One of those three little gumballs is hiding a super sour shock! There's no way to know which one. Just jump in, and hope for the best!  

Shigekix - Soda

Price ¥120

Very, very sour little chewy candies! In Japanese "Shigekix" is a mixture of "excitement" and "kick," so this is a treat to wake you up with a kick! Get a sour pick-me-up today and have some fun! :D