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Mentos - Salty Lychee

Price €1.38 €1.75

Mentos Salty lychee is a limited edition perfect for summer, with a slightly sweet and fruity lychee flavor and slightly salty accents. The exquisite taste of the seasonal lychee and the saltiness spread in a refreshing way.

  • -€0.37

Black Black

Price €1.33 €1.56

Black Black caffeine-enriched chewing gums. Need a bit of a pick up and some gum at the same time? It's that shot of caffeine you need, in gum form! Pack of 9.

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Fettuccine - Pink Lemonade

Price €2.02

Fettuccine Gummies in Pink Lemonade flavor! Tart candies in a flat pasta shape with the tart and juicy flavor of Pink Lemonade.  Lemon juice and red grapefruit juice are combined to create a refreshing and crunchy pink lemonade taste.

DIY Candy Kit - Japanese...

Price €7.04

Japanese gardens are one of a kind, make your own miniature garden with this unique DIY, and feel an instant sense of peace…Ooommmmm The hyper-realistic garden has its pond with koi carps, sweet rocks, and a rake so you can make water ripple patterns in the ramune sand. Please as noted in the...

Umai-Chew - Peach

Price €1.79

Umai-Chew is an evolved version of Hi-Chew! The crunchy, juicy texture of these soft candies is addictive and the more you bite into them, the more the fruit flavors fill your mouth.

Bonsai Candy - DIY Kit

Price €4.79

Make your own miniature Bonsai candy! The wood is chocolate-flavored candy and the leaves are vanilla-flavored sponge cake! Appreciate the spirit of Zen before eating!

Puré Gummy PREMIUM - Green...

Price €2.58

Premium Green Apple flavor. Heart-shaped candies are covered with a layer of tart sugar and filled with fruit jelly. Contains a generous 20% of "Ōrin" apple juice from Aomori*. Enjoy a rewarding piece of fruit that melts in your mouth. The bag is resealable so you can easily store them. WARNING...

Pucho x Demon Slayer with...

Price €3.50

Collaboration between the anime "Demon Slayer" and "Puccho"! Peach flavored soft candies that contain chewy pieces to enjoy two different textures with each bite. Each pack comes with two original crescent-shaped erasers, there are 20 to collect! Pack of ten individually wrapped candies.

Puré Gummy - Pikachu & Piplup

Price €2.12 €2.58

New limited edition in collaboration with Pokémon! The Pikachu-shaped "Denki Tropika Flavor" gummies are made with pineapple and mango juice, combined with a soda flavor reminiscent of the "Electric Tale" used by Pikachu. The Piplup-shaped gummy bears a refreshing flavor made with muscat and...

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Pucho x Jujutsu Kaisen with...

Price €3.22

Collaboration between the anime "Jujutsu Kaisen" and "Pucho"! The orange soda flavor is based on the image of the main character Yuji Itadori from "Jujutsu Kaisen". Each pack comes with a sticker of famous scenes of the characters (20 kinds in total, including 4 rare stickers), which can only be...

Jujutsu Kaisen x Pucho -...

Price €3.51

The "Black Flash Cola" flavored gummy bears the image of the world of "Jujutsu Kaisen". You can enjoy the refreshing taste of cola and the chewy gummy texture. Each box also comes with two of the original battle erasers that can only be found in the Puchos! You can collect a total of 9 sets of 18...

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Demon Slayer - Long...

Price €2.85 €3.59

Long metallic Demon Slayer collectible sticker. Each package contains three shiny stickers and a chewing gum, soda flavor. 32 kinds to collect!

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Puzzle & Gum - Jujutsu Kaisen

Price €7.73

In each package two strawberry chewing gums and a JUJUTSU KAISEN puzzle, 4 puzzles to collect! The puzzle has 56 pieces in B5 size (257 x 182 mm) and the pieces are large enough to be assembled easily by children.

Sticker & Gummy - Tokyo...

Price €2.40

Gummies and stickers from the TV animation "Tokyo Revengers"! There are 15 different stickers to collect (Three of them are unusual, stamped with gold leaf). Clover-shaped gummies with green apple-flavored jelly, There may also be blood orange gummies in the shape of Mikey's bike and Draken's...

Super Mario Gumi

Price €1.70

"It's-a me, Mario!" Mario-shaped gummies in cola and ramune (Japanese lemon soda) flavors! Most are shaped like Mario, but if you're lucky, you might get a cool mystery character!


Price €3.59

The original Milky candy from Fujiya! Made with fresh Hokkaido milk, these are the most famous milk candies in Japan.