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Awa Awa Slime Jelly Kit

Price ¥150 ¥200

New DIY kit to make jelly slime! It foams! Grape flavor. Each bags contains: 2 containers, 1 spoon, 2 small bags for the preparation.

  • -¥50

Drops - Zombear

Price ¥400

Zombear hard candy! They color your tongue blue. Candysan is the only official dealer of the Zombear brand to ship this product outside Japan.

Shigekix Super - Lemon

Price ¥120

Very, very sour little chewy candies! Bigger in size than regular Shigekix! In Japanese, "Shigekix" is a mixture of "excitement" and "kick," so this is a treat to wake you up with a kick! Get a sour pick-me-up today and have some fun! :D

Sonomanma - Cola

Price ¥42

Sonomanma Cola flavor, has the same appeal as the Peach, Soda, and Grape flavors. This candy will lull you into a false sense of security by looking all cute and innocent, but beware of its sour twisted side! One of the three is super sour! Fun to play with friends and family. If you're lucky,...

Fettuccine - Peach

Price ¥120

Bourbon Fettuccine gummies - peach flavor. Chewy candy sugar-coated with a light sour flavor. It's like a candy version of fettucine but better. Try some today and smile. :)

Drops - Hello Kitty Fruit...

Price ¥200

Sakuma Fruit Drops Candy that come in a cute metal tin featuring Hello Kitty. The most popular Sanrio character that is loved by children and adults for generations.  This assortment of fruit-flavored hard candies are made with delicious real fruit juice. There are eight flavors: strawberry,...

Pucho Soda

Price ¥130

Soft and chewy soda-flavored candy with a surprise inside! Here's a hint: it's not just the flavor that's soda-inspired. ;)

Happy Nikukyu - Grape

Price ¥120

Nikukyu is Japanese for the padding on a kitten's paw, and these gummies are shaped like cute tiny kitten paws. Sweet and full of grape flavor in an adorable paw bag!

e-ma x Demon Slayer - white...

Price ¥215

The Demon Slayer  "Kimetsu no Yaiba" characters gathered as an e-ma caramel!  Newly released collaboration TV anime "Demon Slayer“ x E-ma throat candy, white grape flavor.  Ultra-multi-layered candy with printed original illustrations!

Sonomanma - Grape

Price ¥42

Sonomanma Grape flavor is awesome! 3 little gumballs filled with a soft gummy center. The grape flavor bursts out as soon as you open the pack. But, I'm not fooling you am I? If you've tried the other flavors then you know what to expect. One of those three little gumballs is not as sweet as the...

Shigekix - Evolution Soda

Price ¥120

Shigekix - Evolution Soda: very, very sour little chewy candies! This is the evolution! In Japanese, "Shigekix" is a mixture of "excitement" and "kick," so this is a treat to wake you up with a kick! Get a sour pick-me-up today and have some fun! :D

Pucho Cola

Price ¥130

Soft and chewy cola-flavored candy with a surprise inside. Here's a hint: it's not just the flavor that's been cola-inspired. ;)

Mentos - Ramune 'Say Hello'

Price ¥125

New Mentos 'Easy to Connect'....just a better way to "Say Hello" The new "Ramune” flavor have a refreshing sweet and sour taste that is perfect for summer! The best part is that in each candy you will find one of the cute illustrations of all 26 challenges that are based on the concept "Say...

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