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Oden in Can

Price ¥230 ¥280

Discover the Oden, a traditionnal winter dish, in a can! Oden is a simmered dish with a base broth and full of different ingredients such as daikon turnip, sweet potato, konnyaku, quail eggs, fish pies (chikuwa) or beef. Can be eaten cold or hot!

  • -¥50

Sato Instant Rice

Price ¥195

Pre-cooked Japanese rice. Each tray contains 200 grams of rice, ideal for making onigiri. You can also use it to eat your Japanese curry!

Dream Land - Boiled Egg

Price ¥1,380

Prepare some cute boiled eggs with this unique molds. There are 4 different shapes available: heart, star, flower and diamond. Long-favored item by customers for a long time since 1985. Material: Polypropylene (thermostable 120 °C) Precautions: Cannot be used in the oven and microwave Do not put...

Kewpie Mayonnaise - 200g

Price ¥240

Kewpie (QP) is by far the most popular brand of Japanese mayonnaise. Made from rice wine vinegar and combined with spices, Kewpie mayonnaise is praised all over the world for its very distinct flavor. Squeeze bottle of 200g. 

Soy sauce

Price ¥160

High quality soy sauce for sushi and all-purpose seasoning. Brewed in Japan by Kikkoman. 100ml.

Can Miso Soup

Price ¥135

Discover the traditional japanese miso soup in a can! This soup made from fermented soy paste and small shellfish can be eaten cold or hot.

Pikachu Set

Price ¥750

New set to easily make a Pikachu with rice for your bento! With curry sauce or alone with some salad, make your meals more fun! The box contains a mold for the head and two other molds to cut the eyes, the mouth, the pokeball ...

Nori for Onigiri

Price ¥420

Dried nori seaweed leaves in an airtight zip bag. Each bag contains 24 leaves of an ideal size for making onigiri. They can also be used for mochi.

Soup Cup - Tonjiru Miso

Price ¥130

Miso pork soup, very rich (but only 70 calories). Very practical, just pour the two small bags inside the cup then 170ml of hot water, mix quickly and it's ready!

Oroshi Nama Wasabi

Price ¥130

Real, raw wasabi from the Land of the Rising Sun! Impress your guests with real, authentic wasabi from Tokyo, Japan! Wasabi is pretty versatile, so try it on anything! My personal favorite is wasabi mixed with Kewpie mayonnaise as a dip for raw vegetables. Get some today and get creative! 

Bukkomi Meshi - Chicken Ramen

Price ¥225

Nissin takes the simple pleasure of enjoying instant ramen to the next level ! Chicken ramen broth plus rice! Chicken broth with soy sauce, steamed chicken, beaten egg, spring onions, and rice.  Preparation: Open half way the lid, add 290 of hot water, cover the lid again and wait for 5 minutes,...

Kare Meshi - Butter Chicken

Price ¥290

A creamy and rich curry with rice, steamed chicken, and carrots. This curry is characterized by the umami of the chicken, the richness of the butter, and the sourness of the tomatoes. A well-balanced roux with ginger and garlic notes. Level of spicness: 3/5 Open de lid a bit, add hot water...

Miso Soup - Vegetables

Price ¥115

Miso Soup - Vegetables. Instant miso soup. Just mix 160ml of hot water and it's ready! Easy as that! One pack serves one person, so get a few to share with your friends. 

Bento Pokemon - Gathering

Price ¥1,850

New Pokemon Bento box! A separator is provided to separate the food inside the bento. With a large capacity (650mL), the Pokemon bento box has four closing points for optimum sealing. It can also go into the microwave without the lid.

Aosa soup

Price ¥115

Instant aosa soup. Just pour 160ml of hot water on it, and it's ready! For one person.

Nori soup

Price ¥110

Instant nori soup. Just pour 160ml of hot water on it, and it's ready! For one person.