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Mini Day Pack

Price €2.76

There are 6 different mini day pack from the popular series! Each with its cute colorful design ! *Price for 1 randomly dispensed capsule toy.

Yosistamp - Soft Collection

Price €2.76

The Yosistamp Rabbit and his friends turned into Squishies! Panda-san, Kuma-san, Usagi-san and Nuko-sama. 4 to collect! One figure per capsule, chosen randomly.

Cat Bonnet (18) - Easter

Price €3.68

Dress up your cat for Easter with these adorable hats specially designed for their cute little heads! Five Easter cat bonnets to collect. One bonnet per capsule.

Mirror Collection

Price €1.84

A selection of 5 mirror designs with a chain that you are used to seeing like public baths, washbasins, beauty salons, etc.  There are 5 different designs! *Price for 1 randomly dispensed capsule toy. Note that a protective sheet is attached to the mirror, please peel it off.