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Price €4.47

Known as "marble soda" outside of Japan, ramune is famous for being in those nifty bottles that you open by pushing a marble down into the neck of the bottle. Sometimes opening it can difficult, and you get a nice refreshing soda shower. Luckily, you can try this summer classic from a can! :)...


Price €4.74

Japanese uncarbonated milky soft drink. Its ingredients include water, nonfat dry milk, and lactic acid, and is produced by lactic acid fermentation. It was first marketed in 1919.

Hajikete - Melon

Price €4.19

Japanese carbonated soft drink without sweeteners or coloring, melon flavored. By Sangaria, the manufacturer of Ramune-kun!

Fanta Grape

Price €4.77

Crisp and refreshing, Fanta Grape is the best way to chill out and stay cool this summer! 350ml of fun! Get some today when you order your Discovery Pack, and have a perfect day! :)

Crayon Shin-Chan Fake Beer

Price €2.76

Crayon Shin-Chan Fake Beer, the beer you're drinking when you're not drinking beer! These DIY fake beer kits are awesome! The soft drink has a refreshing cola flavor, but looks like frothy beer! Make your own foaming beer in a cool collectible beer mug! There's 4 really cool mugs to collect so...