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Mini Halloween Pouch

Price ¥542

The mini version of the Halloween surprise pouch is available now! The perfect version for the little ones!  Sold individually, take two to have two pouches with different designs! The mini Halloween pouch contains 13 different kinds of chocolates and sweets currently available in Japan!

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Mintia - Witch Apple

Price ¥115

MINTIA When you want to relax anytime, anywhere. Enchanted mints with a juicy red apple flavor and an addictive acidity. 50 sugarless mints.

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Kit Kat mini Halloween -...

Price ¥480

Kit Kat Autumn 2020 limited edition. Halloween special. Apple Pie! One package contains 12 pairs of individually wrapped Mini Kit Kat. Each individual package contains 2 separate Kit Kat mini bars, perfect for sharing!

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Toppo - Halloween

Price ¥195

Toppo Halloween edition! Crunchy pretzel biscuit filled with creamy milk chocolate. It's like Pocky, but in reverse!

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Henshin Choco Halloween

Price ¥125

Marble chocolate candy. Use the packaging as a mask! Perfect for Halloween party events! 1 pack included chosen randombly. If you would like to get the 4 designs, get 4 !

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Puku Puku Tai - Zombie...

Price ¥75

Light wafer generously filled with airy chocolate. The wafer has the shape of a Taiyaki (traditional Japanese fish-shaped cake). Blackcurrant flavor.

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Aggretsuko - Crispy Chocolate

Price ¥155

New limited edition! Crispy Chocolates with a black crunchy raspberry flavored filling.We loved the season 3 on Netflix, but did you know that in Japan there was already 100 episodes made from 2016 to 2018?!Let's work hard every day! 1 pack included chosen randomly. If you would like to get the 4...

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Tyrant Habanero - Golden

Price ¥140

Tohato "Tyran Habanero" spicy rings golden version! This new limited version is with a golden Japanese spice, the number 1 in Japan in the ranking of Japanese chili peppers! With this snack, you will have golden fingertips.

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Fettuccine - Halloween...

Price ¥130

Inspired by the Italian fettuccine pasta...Chewy gummy strips coated with sugar and with a light sour flavor. If you leave them in the light for a while, the gummies will glow in the dark! Find up to 3 Mickey Mouse shaped gummies inside!

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Umaibo Halloween - Corn Potage

Price ¥17

Umaibo or "delicious stick" in Japanese is a puffed corn snack available in many flavors. Inexpensive and tasty, Umaibo is a great everyday go-to snack. Umaibo - Corn Potage has the savory creamy taste of the real sweet corn soup. Special Halloween edition packaging.

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Japanese Zombie Snacks -...

Price ¥200

Puffed rice snacks in the form of tiny men produced by a small company in Japan and 100% with Japanese rice. In partnership with Candysan these snacks are sold for the first time outside Japan.

Surprise Pouch - Halloween

Price ¥2,173

The surprise pack gets the colors of the Halloween holidays with a new special edition!! The surprise pack is the best way to be sure to please or have fun. The content of each pack is different and all the treats have been selected by Candysan for their taste and originality. If you order...

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Koala no machi - Halloween

Price ¥150

Koala no Machi chocolate filling. Limited Edition. “Koara no Machi” (“Koala’s March”) are filled chocolate cookies shaped Koala. Not only are they super yummy, but the little pictures on them are adorable. Regarding texture, these tasty bites are light and crisp with a soft melting center.  Very...

Trick or Tirol Choco Box -...

Price ¥1,250

Assortment of 56 mini chocolates Tirol presented in individual packaging, Halloween edition! Pumpkin & biscuit, coffee & nougat, milk, bloody strawberry, white chocolate & cookie, biscuit

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Cat Bonnet (6) - Halloween

Price ¥500

Also dress up your cat for Halloween with these adorable hats specially designed for their cute little heads! Five Halloween cat bonnets to collect. One bonnet per capsule.

Zombie II Snacks - Shrimp...

Price ¥245

Planning a spooky soiree or just need some horror movie comfort snack? Zombie Snack garlic shrimp (gambas al ajillo) flavor! Mix of pink and purple mini zombies! This snack is made with Japanese rice and vegetable powder (tomato powder), plus it includes healthy lactic acid bacteria!  Made in...

Zombie II Snacks - Olives &...

Price ¥245

Planning a spooky soiree or just need some horror movie comfort snack? Zombie Snack olives and basil flavor! A mix of blue and green mini zombies! This snack is made with Japanese rice and vegetable powder (spinach powder), plus it includes healthy lactic acid bacteria!  Made in Japan.

Drops - Zombear

Price ¥400

Zombear hard candy! They color your tongue blue. Candysan is the only official dealer of the Zombear brand to ship this product outside Japan.

Ghost Onigiri Set (...

Price ¥1,000

New set to make original onigiri rice balls in the shape of cute little ghosts. The set includes the rice mold, seaweed cutters, and a cutter mat.  Perfect for lunch boxes and parties! The size of the finished rice ball is about 80g each.

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Challenge Pack

Price ¥2,272

Will you dare try all of this! This nice assort is made up of Japanese treats that you might find surprising, bizarre, and even often inedible. Fish, sour plum, octopus, seaweed, wasabi, roots, mushrooms... too sweet, too salty, too bitter, too strong, too hard, too soft. We will make you a box...