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Surprise Pouch - Christmas

Price €19.99

The surprise pack gets the colors of the Christmas holidays with a new special edition!! The surprise pack is the best way to be sure to please or have fun. The content of each pack is different and all the treats have been selected by Candysan for their taste and originality. If you order...

Umaibo Xmas - Corn Potage

Price €0.25

Umaibo or "delicious stick" in Japanese is a puffed corn snack available in many flavors. Inexpensive and tasty, Umaibo is a great everyday go-to snack. Umaibo - Corn Potage has the savory creamy taste of the real sweet corn soup.

Toppo - Sweet Potato

Price €3.02

"The Confectionery Research Institute," established in 2020 as a joint research project between two of Japan's largest confectionery manufacturers, has created Toppo x Satsumariko, a combination of Lotte's Toppo series and Calbee's fall specialty, Satsumariko! You can taste the savory, crispy...

Animal Crossing New...

Price €1.67

New fun trading cards 3 from Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Each pack comes with 1 of the possible 32 cards (16"snap cards" that introduce the unique residents, 7"message cards" with scenes of the island, and "birthday calendar cards" that feature the animals' birthdays in a 2022 calendar-style...

Jujutsu Kaisen - Card Wafer 3

Price €2.30

From "Jujutsu Kaisen" comes the third set of wafers with collection cards! In each package, a delicious wafer and a metal card with an original Jujutsukaisen illustration to collect, among a series of 29 of these cards are 7 special rare cards with gold holo-foil stamping specifications included....

Choco Egg - Super Mario

Price €3.35

Chocolate egg containing a small collectible Super Mario figurine. The complete set includes 15 figurines + 1 secret figurine. Limited edition. 

Kit Kat mini - Cheesecake

Price €4.39

Kit Kat Mini Cheesecake Flavor. One package contains 9 pairs of individually wrapped mini Kit Kat. Each individual package contains 2 mini Kit Kat bars to separate, perfect for sharing! *New environment-conscious paper packaging that you can turn into origami!

Mini Christmas Surprise Pouch

Price €7.36

The mini version of the Christmas surprise pouch is available now! The perfect version for the little ones! Sold individually! The Christmas mini-pouch contains 145 g of different chocolates and candies available in Japan right now!

Demon Slayer Pouch 2 - Tanjiro

Price €12.88

Our new Tanjiro colored pouch! In this pouch, you will find these 6 articles: - Demon Slayer - CRUNKY CHOCOLATE - Demon Slayer - CRUNKY WHITE CHOCOLATE - Demon Slayer - Rice Cracker  - Demon Slayer - Chips - Demon Slayer - Coockies - Demon Slayer - Shrimp cracker

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Puré Gummy - Pikachu & Piplup

Price €2.12 €2.58

New limited edition in collaboration with Pokémon! The Pikachu-shaped "Denki Tropika Flavor" gummies are made with pineapple and mango juice, combined with a soda flavor reminiscent of the "Electric Tale" used by Pikachu. The Piplup-shaped gummy bears a refreshing flavor made with muscat and...

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Challenge Pack

Price €20.99

Will you dare try all of this! This nice assort is made up of Japanese treats that you might find surprising, bizarre, and even often inedible. Fish, sour plum, octopus, seaweed, wasabi, roots, mushrooms... too sweet, too salty, too bitter, too strong, too hard, too soft. We will make you a box...

Kit Kat mini - Pistachio

Price €7.00

Pistachio flavor, which was voted as the No.1 Kit Kat flavor to eat next by SNS, is now available! Pistachio cream is sandwiched between wafers and coated with milk chocolate. The rich and mellow flavor of pistachio spreads and is delicious!  Each individual package contains 2 mini Kit Kat bars...

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Meltykiss - Tahiti Vanilla

Price €4.29

Delicious chocolates with a truffle-like exterior and a melting heart of Tahitian vanilla chocolate. Tahitian vanilla is very rare and has a rich, sweet, slightly spicy and floral aroma. It is the most aromatic of all vanillas and is considered one of the best in the world. The combination of...

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Christmas Pack 2021

Price €22.98

A gift from Japan for your Christmas! We hope you have a wonderful vacation and that it brings a smile to the faces of children and adults alike. A set of holiday-colored treats, enough to have the taste of Japanese holidays in your mouth! It contains animal shaped cookies, white chocolate...

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