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Tirol Choco - Sweet Tirol Cup

Price ¥780

A cup full of 40 mini chocolates Tirol individually wrapped! You will find a total of 6 different flavours:Coffee Nougat, Milk, Crunchy Biscuit, White Chocolate Mochi, Strawberry Marshmallow & Milk Cream Filled.

Kit Kat Snax - Sweet & Salty

Price ¥250

Kit Kat Snax, the first KitKat release that mixes sweet and salty! A mix of 3 types of snacks: Your bite-sized Kit Kat chocolate balls, salty roasted almonds, and rich cheese flavored soybeans.

Mintia - Strawberry

Price ¥130

50 sugarless mint mini-tablets with refreshing strawberry juice. Enriched with vitamin C to fill up with energy! Winter edition.

Pureral - Amaou Strawberry

Price ¥155

Feel as if you were being hugged by a Pureral Gummy fairy! Pureral Gummy Strawberry. Limited Edition Made with strawberry juice. Pureral is a combination of a light and airy gummy and a jello-like jiggly gummy to create a gummy with a soft texture. As you relax and feel “everything is all right,”...

Amaou Strawberry Caramels

Price ¥160

Morinaga’s iconic caramels presented in a beautiful vintage packaging design, sold in Japan since 1913. New rich strawberry flavour. Each caramel cube has a firm texture but gets soft as you chew. Pack of 12 individually wrapped caramels.

Kit Kat mini - Sparkling...

Price ¥385

Kit Kat mini "Otona no Amasa" sparkling wine flavor. One package contains 13 pairs of individually wrapped Mini Kit Kat. Each individual package contains 2 separate Kit Kat mini bars, perfect for sharing! *New Eco-friendly wrapper made of paper that you can turn into origami!

Puré Gummy - Strawberry...

Price ¥155

A refreshing gummy covered in sour powder with a rich strawberry taste! Flavor the ripe sweet strawberry on one side and the refreshing sour strawberry on the other!

Kit Kat Ball - Strawberry

Price ¥190

Delicious chocolate balls, your bite-sized Kit Kat with strawberry flavor filling, a crunchier munchier version of your regular Kit-Kat!  Carry with you this convenient bag, it is resealable to keep all its freshness.

Kinoko no Yama - Strawberry...

Price ¥255

Meiji’s classic “Kinoko no yama” delicious biscuit sticks with cute strawberry and chocolate mushroom tops. “Kinoko” means mushroom in Japanese and “Yama” means mountain so these are delicious little chocolate mountain mushrooms!

Sakusaku Panda - Strawberry

Price ¥190

Sakusaku Panda Strawberry chocolate on a cute panda shaped biscuits. Each of these little guys has a different expression. There are 70 kinds of Panda's faces! Try some today! :) -_- :D ;)