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Horadekita! - Choco Banana

Price ¥122

Candysan invites you to the Summer Matsuri! Make yourself cute little Banana Choco with candy sprinkles as the ones you find in Matsuri stands! Banana and Chocolate flavor!

Horadekita! Ice Bar Soft Candy

Price ¥122

Amazing DIY soda and strawberry flavoured soft candy. Make your own mini ice blocks with this simple and easy to use Coris DIY kit! You can make mini ice blocks that actually taste cold! Try some today and treat yourself! :)  

Omiseyasan - Fruit &...

Price ¥170

New DIY kit to make cute little fruits and vegetables shaped candy. The candy texture is soft and chewy and there are 3 different flavours: grape, green apple and lemon. The kit contains four different molds so you can prepare a total of 16 different fruits and veggies!

Shin-Chan - Sushi DIY Kit

Price ¥320

Fun DIY kit that allows you to make jelly "sushi" that looks like the real thing! You can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a sushi restaurant with special disposable chopsticks and a gorgeous gold plate. Prepare nigiri sushi: 2 tuna, 1 salmon, 1 shrimp, and 1 tamagoyaki (egg roll) and a soy...

DIY Shin-Chan - Fake Beer (10)

Price ¥255

Crayon Shin-Chan Fake Beer, the beer you're drinking when you're not drinking beer! These DIY fake beer kits are awesome! The soft drink has a refreshing orange flavor, but looks like frothy beer! Make your own foaming beer in a cool collectible beer mug! There are 4 really cool mugs to collect...

DIY Shin-Chan -...

Price ¥255

Fun DIY cola-flavored soft drink for curious minds! Take the flask, add the purple powder in some water, and then add the red powder and look closely inside!! Included: a flask, two bags of powder, and a straw, you just need a bit of water!

DIY Candy Kit - Japanese...

Price ¥640

Japanese gardens are one of a kind, make your own miniature garden with this unique DIY, and feel an instant sense of peace…Ooommmmm The hyper-realistic garden has its pond with koi carps, sweet rocks, and a rake so you can make water ripple patterns in the ramune sand. Please as noted in the...