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Horadekita! - Choco Banana

Price ¥130

Candysan invites you to the Summer Matsuri! Make yourself cute little Banana Choco with candy sprinkles as the ones you find in Matsuri stands! Banana and Chocolate flavor!

Omiseyasan - Fruit &...

Price ¥170

New DIY kit to make cute little fruits and vegetables shaped candy. The candy texture is soft and chewy and there are 3 different flavours: grape, green apple and lemon. The kit contains four different molds so you can prepare a total of 16 different fruits and veggies!

DIY Shin-Chan - Fake Beer (10)

Price ¥255

Crayon Shin-Chan Fake Beer, the beer you're drinking when you're not drinking beer! These DIY fake beer kits are awesome! The soft drink has a refreshing orange flavor, but looks like frothy beer! Make your own foaming beer in a cool collectible beer mug! There are 4 really cool mugs to collect...

DIY Candy Kit - Japanese...

Price ¥640

Japanese gardens are one of a kind, make your own miniature garden with this unique DIY, and feel an instant sense of peace…Ooommmmm The hyper-realistic garden has its pond with koi carps, sweet rocks, and a rake so you can make water ripple patterns in the ramune sand. Please as noted in the...

Slime Jelly Experience Kit

Price ¥205

New DIY kit to make jelly slime! Try to stretch it! Soda flavor. Each bags contains: 2 containers, 1 spoon, 3 small bags for the preparation. Preparation: 1) Separate the two containers. Fill the smallest container with water up to the third line from the bottom (about 30 mL). Add the green bag...

Mysterious ball experiment...

Price ¥205

Try this mysterious experiment where you will be able to grab a liquid with your hands! The ball has a plump texture, and when you bite it, it pops and is juicy!! Grape and soda flavour. Each bag contains 1 tray (3 containers) 2 spoons, 3 small bags for the preparation. Contains calcium. No...

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Bonsai Candy - DIY Kit

Price ¥450

Make your own miniature Bonsai candy! The wood is chocolate-flavored candy and the leaves are vanilla-flavored sponge cake! Appreciate the spirit of Zen before eating!

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