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Puré Gummy Premium-...

Price €2.34

Heart-shaped sugar-coated jelly beans, Two assortments, one with sweet tangerines and the other with tangy blood orange. WARNING with the summer heat, this product may melt during transport.

Puré Gummy PREMIUM - Green...

Price €2.24

Premium Green Apple flavor. Heart-shaped candies are covered with a layer of tart sugar and filled with fruit jelly. Contains a generous 20% of "Ōrin" apple juice from Aomori*. Enjoy a rewarding piece of fruit that melts in your mouth. The bag is resealable so you can easily store them. WARNING...

Puré Gummy - Berry Berry Berry

Price €2.02

"Puré Gummy Berry Berry" is made from the juice of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. The gummies have a beautiful two-tone red and purple color to represent red and blue berries respectively. The gummies have a deep berry flavor that is perfect for a change of pace.

Puré Gummy - Pikachu & Piplup

Price €2.02

New limited edition in collaboration with Pokémon! The Pikachu-shaped "Denki Tropika Flavor" gummies are made with pineapple and mango juice, combined with a soda flavor reminiscent of the "Electric Tale" used by Pikachu. The Piplup-shaped gummy bears a refreshing flavor made with muscat and...

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