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Sonomanma - Energy Drink

Price €0.64

Sonomanma gumballs are delicous little balls of energy drink goodness, but with a twist. This 3 pack looks cute from the outside but holds a dark secret. One of these little peach paste filled gumballs is super sour! And, you won't know which one it is until you eat it! Watch out! We warned you. ;)

Suppai Lemon

Price €0.52

"Suppai Lemon ni goyojin" (watch out for the sour lemon) is the Russian roulette of chewing gum. In each pack one of the three gums is extra sour! 

Sonomanma - Soda

Price €0.57

Sonomanma Soda flavor is just like the other flavors in the Sonomanma range, pure evil!!! Don't be deceived by the cute packaging and the sweet, fresh aroma. One of those three little gumballs is hiding a super sour shock! There's no way to know which one. Just jump in, and hope for the best!  

Sonomanma - Cola

Price €0.57

Sonomanma Cola flavor, has the same appeal as the Peach, Soda, and Grape flavors. This candy will lull you into a false sense of security by looking all cute and innocent, but beware of its sour twisted side! One of the three is super sour! Fun to play with friends and family. If you're lucky,...

Sonomanma - Grape

Price €0.57

Sonomanma Grape flavor is awesome! 3 little gumballs filled with a soft gummy center. The grape flavor bursts out as soon as you open the pack. But, I'm not fooling you am I? If you've tried the other flavors then you know what to expect. One of those three little gumballs is not as sweet as the...

Fit's - Rainbow Fruits NiziU

Price €1.82

Fit's x NiziU collab! A refreshing soft and long-lasting flavor gum of fruit juice inspired by the Japanese girl band.  Mix of 7 fruits (rainbow): Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Muscat, Lychee, Blueberry, Grape. Pack of 12 chewing gums.

Fit's - Lemonade & Soda

Price €1.67

Fit's is a soft and long-lasting flavorful gum. New mellow lemonade soda flavor with honey fragrance. Enjoy the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness!! *Lemon juice 3%