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Toppo - Bitter Chocolate

Price ¥170

These Toppo double the dose of chocolate! Delicious chocolate sticks, also filled with chocolate, they taste a bit more bitter than the classic Toppo.

Toppo - Milk

Price ¥120 ¥170

Crunchy pretzel biscuit filled with milky cream. so delicious you're going to be addicted !

  • -¥50

Toppo - Strawberry

Price ¥170

Crunchy pretzel biscuit filled with creamy strawberry chocolate. It's like Pocky in reverse and just as good! Get some today for that special strawberry fan in you! 

Toppo - Youth Vanilla...

Price ¥298

Lotte Thick Toppo “Seishun” ( youthful ) Vanilla milkshake. Limited edition. Who doesn’t love a good milkshake ? Enjoy the deliciousness of crispy pretzel biscuits filled with vanilla milkshake cream. Certainly taste like the nostalgic drink ! The cookie is thicker than normal Toppo, and the...