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Ultimate Structure 03

Price €2.76

Build your most beautiful Japanese industrial area. Cranes, concrete mixers and construction equipment, unfinished buildings, sheds and garages, pieces of highways ... Aaah the sweet sound of horns, the smell of asphalt still hot !!

Curling Mascot

Price €2.76

A curling stone and a curling broom to train for the Olympics from your desk! Four sets (1 broom + 1 stone) to collect, one per capsule.  

Turd games

Price €1.84

3 little poop games to collect!A poop catapult: catapult your turd into the target!A noughts and crosses game where the crosses and the noughts are replaced by shit.A game of balance: fill the toilet bowl with poop without spilling it. Two versions available per game. One per capsule.

Cat Bonnet (18) - Easter

Price €3.68

Dress up your cat for Easter with these adorable hats specially designed for their cute little heads! Five Easter cat bonnets to collect. One bonnet per capsule.