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Ultimate Structure 03

Price ¥300

Build your most beautiful Japanese industrial area. Cranes, concrete mixers and construction equipment, unfinished buildings, sheds and garages, pieces of highways ... Aaah the sweet sound of horns, the smell of asphalt still hot !!

Curling Mascot

Price ¥300

A curling stone and a curling broom to train for the Olympics from your desk! Four sets (1 broom + 1 stone) to collect, one per capsule.  

Rabbits Cafeteria

Price ¥200

Five little rabbits working in the canteen to collect! Today's menu : bread, omurice (rice omelet), curry, rice, a bottle of milk. One per capsule.

Candysan's first gashapons

Price ¥400

Our first series of Candysan official Gashapon! Yasumi is dressed for all seasons, but what do I see? An influencer is invited in the series! One per capsule.

Marvel Kawaii Art Figure

Price ¥300

Five cute Marvel mini figures to collect: Captain Marvel, Thor, Iron Man, Groot and Captain America. Each figurine comes with a base. One per capsule.

Smartphone light cover

Price ¥300

Small clip to place on the light of your smartphone to transform it into a small lamp, and create a nice mood lighting. 6 to collect: 2 shapes (bulb and diamond) and 3 colors (white, blue, pink). One per capsule.

Yosistamp - Soft Collection

Price ¥300

The Yosistamp Rabbit and his friends turned into Squishies! Panda-san, Kuma-san, Usagi-san and Nuko-sama. 4 to collect! One figure per capsule, chosen randomly.