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Okonomiyaki Pack

Price €19.99

Introduce yourself to Japanese cuisine with this easy kit to make Okonomiyaki! You have all the elements in hand, more than getting started!

Okonomiyaki Flour Mix

Price €3.50

The special flour for making Okonomiyaki, there is no secret, without this flour, you will not be able to make delicious Okonomiyaki!

Nori Seaweed - Plum

Price €1.33

Nori seaweed leaves flavored with plum, with real pieces of plum on the leaves. The plums come from the Kii Province, and the nori seaweed come from the Ariake Sea (Kyushu). These nori seaweed leaves are ideal for your rice preparations and your onigiri!   

Tsubuan - Red bean paste

Price €2.66 €3.58

Anko is a sweetened red bean paste present in many Japanese traditional sweets. With bean chunks, non smooth type. Make your own Dorayaki or mochi filled with Anko, prepare Oshiruko (Anko soup) or simply spread it on toast with some butter.... It's going to leave you speechless! Azuki beans from...

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