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Chip Star - Mentaiko ( BIG )

Price ¥295

Slightly spicy cod roe potato chips, presented in a beautiful packing featuring "Ukiyo-e" illustrations. Big Size (115g.) A Japanese-style Chip star that uses Hakata's specialty "Hakata Mentaiko". Enjoy the authentic mentaiko with the umami of seafood !

Chip Star - Wagyu Beef...

Price ¥140

A flavor that is both popular in Japan and overseas! Enjoy the Wagyu beef taste with its sweet and spicy warishita, a mix of stock, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar (the base of many traditional Japanese dishes). Made by using Japanese Wagyu extract. 

Edo Pack

Price ¥2,499

We've put together some Edo Era treats and snacks in this pack! You will find Mentaiko, Sukiyaki and salty (Shuriken-shaped) flavored chips. 3 Micro Block, Samurai Takeda Shingen, Samurai Sanada Yukimura and Samurai Date Masamune! A Gashapon Ninja Yasumi-Chan. As a bonus, we added 3 of our...

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