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Surprise Pouch - New Year

Price ¥2,173

The surprise pack gets the colors of the New Year with a new special edition!! The surprise pack is the best way to be sure to please or have fun. The content of each pack is different and all the treats have been selected by Candysan for their taste and originality. If you order several packs,...

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CandysanBox January

Price ¥2,878

Last chance to receive the January CandysanBox! In this seasonal assortment you'll find the very Japanese sweets! As usual there are 14 snacks and sweets to discover, plus a nice Japanese gift. SHIPPED SEPARATELY FROM YOUR ORDER AND IN D-MAIL ONLY!! THIS IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION, TO SUBSCRIBE GO ON...

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Edo Pack

Price ¥2,499

We've put together some Edo Era treats and snacks in this pack! You will find Mentaiko, Sukiyaki and salty (Shuriken-shaped) flavored chips. 3 Micro Block, Samurai Takeda Shingen, Samurai Sanada Yukimura and Samurai Date Masamune! A Gashapon Ninja Yasumi-Chan. As a bonus, we added 3 of our...

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Discovery Pack

Price ¥3,260

Each Discovery Pack is unique and consists of 20 sweet and savory treats currently sold in Japan.  We try to balance each of our packs so that our customers can discover excellent things but also so that they can be surprised by tastes almost unknown outside Japan (green tea, wasabi, bitter plum,...

Snack Pack

Price ¥2,840

Our Snack Pack is an assortment of 15 savory Japanese snacks selected from the best brands. Each pack is uniquely made so that you can try a wide range of Japanese snacks. Some products are exclusive to the Snack Pack and are not available on sale individually at Candysan. Shipping costs are...

Kid Pack

Price ¥2,272

Discover the Land of the Rising Sun with this NEW Kid Pack! Each Kid Pack is unique and consists of fifteen sweets or snacks currently sold for kids in Japan. We choose the best snacks for you to enjoy a wide variety of tastes from Japan! In Japan, kids love to go to candy shops and find all...

Challenge Pack

Price ¥2,272

Will you dare try all of this! This nice assort is made up of Japanese treats that you might find surprising, bizarre, and even often inedible. Fish, sour plum, octopus, seaweed, wasabi, roots, mushrooms... too sweet, too salty, too bitter, too strong, too hard, too soft. We will make you a box...

Dagashi Pack

Price ¥542

Dagashi are traditional treats loved by children in Japan! In our Pack find a set of 8 random dagashi sweet and savory!

Surprise noodles

Price ¥543

Three randomly but well-selected instant noodle cups. Experience the taste of Japan's famous cup noodles in a fun and mysterious way! We don't sell these separately on Candysan, so the only way to find out what they are is to give it a try!

Okonomiyaki Pack

Price ¥2,173

Introduce yourself to Japanese cuisine with this easy kit to make Okonomiyaki! You have all the elements in hand, more than getting started!

Surprise Honey

Price ¥868

Three randomly but well-selected small portion honey. Experience the taste of Japan's famous honey in a fun and mysterious way!