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Discovery Pack

Price ¥3,260

Each Discovery Pack is unique and consists of 20 sweet and savory treats currently sold in Japan.  We try to balance each of our packs so that our customers can discover excellent things but also so that they can be surprised by tastes almost unknown outside Japan (green tea, wasabi, bitter plum,...

Yasumi Collection 2019

Price ¥2,716

Find in this collection all the stickers of the first edition offered each month in the CandysanBox, with in addition the 5 Gachapon of Yasumi-chan! An opportunity not to be missed if you want to collect Yasumi-chan goodies! There will be only 20 units. Contents : - 12 Stickers- 5 Gachapons- 1...

Surprise Pouch - Halloween

Price ¥2,173

The surprise pack gets the colors of the Halloween holidays with a new special edition!! The surprise pack is the best way to be sure to please or have fun. The content of each pack is different and all the treats have been selected by Candysan for their taste and originality. If you order...

Surprise Honey

Price ¥868

Three randomly but well-selected small portion honey. Experience the taste of Japan's famous honey in a fun and mysterious way!

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Birthday Card

Price ¥0

Is your order a birthday gift? We offer you this magnificent card that will be put on top for an unforgettable opening! Add this card to your basket to get it! One card per order :) Illustration by the.purrfectionist

Snack Pack

Price ¥2,840

Our Snack Pack is an assortment of 15 savory Japanese snacks selected from the best brands. Each pack is uniquely made so that you can try a wide range of Japanese snacks. Some products are exclusive to the Snack Pack and are not available on sale individually at Candysan. Shipping costs are...

Candysan's first gashapons

Price ¥400

Our first series of Candysan official Gashapon! Yasumi is dressed for all seasons, but what do I see? An influencer is invited in the series! One per capsule.

Trick or Tirol Choco Box -...

Price ¥1,250

Assortment of 56 mini chocolates Tirol presented in individual packaging, Halloween edition! Pumpkin & biscuit, coffee & nougat, milk, bloody strawberry, white chocolate & cookie, biscuit

Koshian - Red bean paste

Price ¥190

Anko is a sweetened red bean paste present in many Japanese traditional sweets. Smooth type, without bean chunks. Make your own Dorayaki or mochi filled with Anko, prepare Oshiruko (Anko soup) or simply spread it on toast with some butter.... It's going to leave you speechless! Azuki beans from...

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Choco Pie - Caramel...

Price ¥310

Lotte's famous Choco Pie biscuits covered with milk chocolate, come back in a special edition "Caramel Chocolate pie"! Born in Korea, Choco Pie became a favorite of the Japanese chocolate lovers long ago. Box of 6 individually packaged biscuits.

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Baby Star Dodekai Demon...

Price ¥150

Exciting collaboration! "Demon Slayer" x Baby Star Dodekai ! Satisfy your ramen cravings with these crispy noodle snacks! Spicy Miso flavor. There are 3 types of original packages.

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Cup Noodle - Spicy Ginger...

Price ¥240

Nissin "Sekai Cup Noodles" reproduces dishes that are popular all over the world. Here the classic Thai green curry with creamy coconut milk, ginger and green pepper. It is a fragrant curry with a delightful balance of sweet and spicy flavors. Spicy level 3/5

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Pocky Premium - Almond Milk...

Price ¥390

A luxurious Pocky with a thicker layer of almond milk chocolate, and a savory biscuit with nuts! It pairs very well with deep roasted coffee. Large pack of 10 individual bags of 2 Pocky each. 

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Miso Paste with Dashi

Price ¥190

Miso paste with Katsuo dashi ( Skipjack tuna stock ). Prepare your own miso soup, a great comfort dish for the colder months of the year! Miso paste is commonly used in soups, however, you can use it in multiple recipes, as a sauce for fish or simply use it as a dip with cucumber as in Japanese...

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Bitte - Milk Chocolate

Price ¥305

Perfect for your coffee break! Enjoy the harmony of the biscuit with chocolate cream.  A total of 6 biscuits. Van Houten cocoa used!

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