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Candysan's first gashapons

Price ¥400

Our first series of Candysan official Gashapon! Yasumi is dressed for all seasons, but what do I see? An influencer is invited in the series! One per capsule.

Discovery Pack

Price ¥3,260

Discover the Land of the Rising Sun with our popular Discovery Pack! Each Discovery Pack is unique and consists of twenty sweets or snacks currently sold in Japan. We choose the best snacks for you to enjoy a wide variety of tastes from Japan!

Snack Pack

Price ¥2,840

Our Snack Pack is an assortment of 15 savory Japanese snacks selected from the best brands. Each pack is uniquely made so that you can try a wide range of Japanese snacks. Some products are exclusive to the Snack Pack and are not available on sale individually at Candysan. Shipping costs are...

Kit Kat mini - Sakura & Sake

Price ¥430

Kit Kat Spring 2020 limited edition. The famous Kit Kat are now coated in Japanese sake flavored chocolate! Inside the layers of sakura cream (cherry blossom) alternate with the crispy biscuit for the sweetest taste. One package contains 12 pairs of individually wrapped Mini Kit Kat. Each...

Oreo Crispy - Matcha Roll Cake

Price ¥325

New Japan-exclusive flavor: Matcha Roll Cake Crispy Oreos Nabisco Japan Crispy Oreos have a thin cocoa cookie portion and a delicious matcha-flavored cream filling. The cream isn’t overwhelmingly sweet and has a unique balance with a subtle bitter hint, which blends well with the faintly bitter...

Kit Super Mario Maker 2 Gummy

Price ¥350

Second Edition of DIY Super Mario Maker Gummy Kit from Bandai. Make your own gummies from the Mario universe, with just a little water! Four different gummy flavors: strawberry, grape, lemon, and soda. This product does not contain artificial colors or preservatives.

Blanchul - Sakura

Price ¥190 ¥240

A square of sakura (cherry blossoms) flavored chocolate between two langue de chat biscuits. A perfect match with a cup of tea or coffee. 

  • -¥50

Coca-Cola Frozen - Lemon

Price ¥230

Coca-Cola frozen Lemon is back! Discover a new way to cool down on a hot day with the world's first Coca-Cola of its kind, presented in a squeezable slushie-style packaging. The novel drink that became a hit on social media a couple of years ago has a mild hint of lemon and a sherbet-like...

Puré Gummy PREMIUM - White Peach & Plum

Price ¥213

Kanro Puré unique fruit mix gummies, white peach and plum flavour. The heart shaped gummy candies are covered with sour sugar coating and filled with fruit jelly. Enriched with Collagen and Vitamin C! The bag is resealable so you can easily keep them fresh at all times.

Kit Kat mini - Ocean Salt

Price ¥430

Kit Kat Summer 2020 limited edition. Savor the exquisite balance of sweetness from premium white chocolate and sea salt from the Seto Inland Sea blended into a creamy filling. By buying one package, you will be donating 10 yen to support the activities of NPO “Zero Waste Japan” ! There are 4...

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Pocky Coconut

Price ¥195

Pocky Seasonal flavor, Summer edition. Each pocky stick is rolled in chunks of coconut and dipped in delicious milk chocolate.  You'll feel like you're on the beach as you munch away! The box contains 2 foil-wrapped packets. Perfect for snacking at home or on-the-go ! Made in Japan by Glico Glico...

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Cheeza Camembert Cheese

Price ¥200

Cheeza Camembert Cheese 53% from Glico. 53% real Camembert cheese makes these cheesy crackers irresistable! Very tasty, very cheesy, and once you start eating them you won't be able to stop! I serioulsy recommend you get 3 or 4 packs because if you just get one, you'll regret it later. :)   

UFO Yakisoba

Price ¥190

Instant Soba Noodle from Nissin. Out-of-this-world taste in a flying saucer bowl. Easy to prepare. Delivers the comforting taste of yakisoba in just a few minutes!

Curry-ya - Mild

Price ¥145

Japanese curry with potatoes, carrots, and beef. 3 to 5 minutes in boilling water, or 2 minutes in the microwaves (500W), and it's ready.

Caramel Corn

Price ¥149

Caramel Corn, original flavor with peanuts. A puffed corn snack that's sweet, but not too sweet. Be careful though: it's a snack that's dangerously hard to stop eating!

Oreo Crispy - Sakura Chiffon Cake

Price ¥325

New Japan-exclusive flavor: Sakura Chiffon Cake Nabisco Japan Crispy Oreos have a thin cocoa cookie portion and a delicious sakura-flavored cream filling. The cream isn’t overwhelmingly sweet and has a unique balance with a subtle hint of saltiness, which blends well with the faintly bitter yet...

Whistle Candy - Cola

Price ¥65

The best way to make your kids smile! Blow through a "Fue Ramune" candy and it becomes a whistle! Each pack contains 8 candies and a small toy. 

Splatoon Paste Candy

Price ¥100 ¥125

Splatoon strange and tasty liquid candy like a paste! Each package contains a Splatoon sticker and 4 doses of candy. Soda and cola flavor.

  • -¥25

Kaki Peanuts

Price ¥110

Kaki Peanuts is a very popular snack in Japan, consisting of kaki-no-tane (small pieces of senbei in half-moon) and peanut.