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Set Surprise Pouch and...

Price ¥2,389

The surprise pack takes on the colors of summer with a new edition !!! In this SET, you will receive the summer Yasumi strap and the surprise pouch ! The surprise pack is the best way to be sure to please or have fun. The content of each pack is different and all the treats have been selected by...

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Discovery Pack

Price ¥3,260

Each Discovery Pack is unique and consists of 20 sweet and savory treats currently sold in Japan. We are entering the summer period, the sweets will be chosen according to their tenacity in the face of the heat!  During this summer, we offer you a Yasumi at the beach sticker and a surprise with...

Birthday Card

Price ¥0

Is your order a birthday gift? We offer you this magnificent card that will be put on top for an unforgettable opening! Add this card to your basket to get it! One card per order :) Illustration by the.purrfectionist

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Surprise Pouch - Summer

Price ¥2,173

The surprise pack takes on the colors of summer with a new edition !!! The surprise pack is the best way to be sure to please or have fun. The content of each pack is different and all the treats have been selected by Candysan for their taste and originality. If you order several packs, we make...

Snack Pack

Price ¥2,840

Our Snack Pack is an assortment of 15 savory Japanese snacks selected from the best brands. Each pack is uniquely made so that you can try a wide range of Japanese snacks. Some products are exclusive to the Snack Pack and are not available on sale individually at Candysan. Shipping costs are...

Candysan's first gashapons

Price ¥400

Our first series of Candysan official Gashapon! Yasumi is dressed for all seasons, but what do I see? An influencer is invited in the series! One per capsule.

Ramen - Soy sauce

Price ¥210

Instant ramen noodles from Nissin. Just like the noodles at an authentic Japanese ramen stand, these soy sauce flavored noodles are what you eat when you want ramen. These have thin noodles, but they're just as good! Try some today!  

Coca-Cola Frozen - Lemon

Price ¥230

Coca-Cola frozen Lemon is back! Discover a new way to cool down on a hot day with the world's first Coca-Cola of its kind, presented in a squeezable slushie-style packaging. The novel drink that became a hit on social media a couple of years ago has a mild hint of lemon and a sherbet-like...

Suika Gumi

Price ¥135

Watermelon flavoured gummies, the perfect sweet for a hot summer day! These little gummies are bursting with flavour! Treat yourself today to some fresh candy! I want candy! 

DIY Candy Kit - Japanese...

Price ¥640

Japanese gardens are one of a kind, make your own miniature garden with this unique DIY, and feel an instant sense of peace…Ooommmmm The hyper-realistic garden has its pond with koi carps, sweet rocks, and a rake so you can make water ripple patterns in the ramune sand. Please as noted in the...

Kit Kat mini - Salt Lychee

Price ¥430

Kit Kat Summer 2020 limited edition. Salty Lychee. There's nothing more refreshing that the combination of Lychee and salt! Try this exotic new flavour combining the sweet decadence of lychee with a hint of salt, and feel how salt allows the sweetness of the fruit to be drawn out for an even...

Ramune - Melon

Price ¥130

Summertime is here, and there's nothing better than a cold drink on these hot days and nights! This carbonated soft drink is a modern symbol of summer in Japan. Japanese people often enjoy Ramune during "Matsuri" festivals!

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Kinoko no Yama - Truffle...

Price ¥272

Meiji’s classic “Kinoko no yama” delicious biscuit sticks with cute chocolate mushroom tops. “Kinoko” means mushroom in Japanese and “Yama” means mountain so these are delicious little chocolate mountain mushrooms! Try some today!  New Kinoko no Yama, cocoa and black truffle flavored vanilla ice...

Wasabi Beans

Price ¥250

Wasabi beans. A classic snack in Japan. This family pack bag contains 12 mini-packs: 6 mini-packs of wasabi flavored beans and 6 mini-packs of wasabi flavored green peas. Perfect for wasabi lovers.

Mentos - Ramune 'Say Hello'

Price ¥125

New Mentos 'Easy to Connect'....just a better way to "Say Hello" The new "Ramune” flavor have a refreshing sweet and sour taste that is perfect for summer! The best part is that in each candy you will find one of the cute illustrations of all 26 challenges that are based on the concept "Say...