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UFO Yakisoba

Price ¥190

Instant Soba Noodle from Nissin. Out-of-this-world taste in a flying saucer bowl. Easy to prepare. Delivers the comforting taste of yakisoba in just a few minutes!

UFO Yakisoba - Ume kombucha

Price ¥235

The classic instant soba Noodle from Nissin, out-of-this-world taste in a flying saucer bowl. UFO salty Yakisoba seasoned with tart Japanese plum and kombucha (Japanese tea made with kelp). Easy and fast to prepare!

Mochichi Yakisoba - Salt &...

Price ¥180

Instant Yakisoba noodles, salt, and Setouchi lemon flavor. Chewy texture soba noodles with a chicken-based sauce with onion and garlic. Finished with cabbage, carrots, and green onions.