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Coca-Cola Plus

Price ¥200

The first-ever Coca-Cola approved as FOSHU (Food of Specified Health). Your classic Coca-Cola with extra health benefits, it is calorie-free and sugar-free as well ( sweetened with aspartame). The beverage contains five grams of dextrin, a source of dietary fiber, that appears to have positive...

Kirin Mets Cola

Price ¥170

A sophisticated Cola unique to Japan that tastes like the real deal without being too sweet. Japan's beverage giant Kirin diet cola is calorie-free and sugar-free (sweetened with aspartame). Mets Cola has been approved as FOSHU (Food of Specified Health), as it is designed to help you keep fat...

Salty Lychee

Price ¥145

Inspired by a Thai dessert made from salted lychee, it's Tev's favorite drink! To the lychee juice, Okinawa salt has been added to reveal all the flavor of the fruit, and grapefruit juice to make the taste even more intense! So good!

Ramune - Strawberry

Price ¥130

Summertime is here, and there's nothing better than a cold drink on these hot days and nights! This carbonated soft drink is a modern symbol of summer in Japan. Japanese people often enjoy Ramune during "Matsuri" festivals!