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Discovery Pack

Price €29.99

Each Discovery Pack is unique and consists of 20 sweet and savory treats currently sold in Japan.  We try to balance each of our packs so that our customers can discover excellent things but also so that they can be surprised by tastes almost unknown outside Japan (green tea, wasabi, bitter plum,...

Pocky Coconut

Price €1.79

Pocky Seasonal flavor, Summer edition. Each pocky stick is rolled in chunks of coconut and dipped in delicious milk chocolate.  You'll feel like you're on the beach as you munch away! The box contains 2 foil-wrapped packets. Perfect for snacking at home or on-the-go ! Made in Japan by Glico Glico...


Price €4.47

Known as "marble soda" outside of Japan, ramune is famous for being in those nifty bottles that you open by pushing a marble down into the neck of the bottle. Sometimes opening it can difficult, and you get a nice refreshing soda shower. Luckily, you can try this summer classic from a can! :)...

Pocky Tasty - Charred Milk

Price €2.67

Pocky Tasty, whole-grain pretzel with fermented buttered and chocolate with charred milk. The box contains 2 foil-wrapped packets. Perfect for snacking at home or on-the-go! Made in Japan by Glico Glico is one of Japan’s most well-known sweet and savory confectionery manufacturers. 'Sharing...

Puré Gummy - Pikachu...

Price €1.63

New limited edition in collaboration with Pokémon! Tropical flavor with a pineapple soda base and mango and orange accents. These sugar-coated jelly beans, traditionally heart-shaped, also take the shape of Pikachu in this edition! With pineapple soda for Pikachu's electrifying pep and tropical...

Kit Kat mini - Mango

Price €3.15 €4.99

Mango Chocolate Mini Kit Kat for summer! Enjoy the sweet taste of mango! CAUTION with the summer heat, this product may melt during transport.

  • -€1.84

Choco Ball - Melon soda float

Price €1.38

A chocolate ball coated with Melon soda float flavored chocolate, as if you were drinking a cold ramune. There is an opening on the front of the package with a printed quiz with two relative choices. This is an original package with a trick that allows you to pull out and eat the chocolate ball...

Puré Gummy Premium-...

Price €2.34

Heart-shaped sugar-coated jelly beans, Two assortments, one with sweet tangerines and the other with tangy blood orange. WARNING with the summer heat, this product may melt during transport.

Pokemon Noodle 2021 - Salty...

Price €3.13

Sapporo Ichiban Seafood ramen with cute Pikachu kamaboko and corn! Salt-flavored ramen with chicken extract soup as a base, with the rich flavor of shrimp and scallops. It is a refreshing seafood style soup with a salty taste. It contains one of 20 collectible Pokémon stickers!

Pokemon Noodle 2021 - Soy...

Price €3.13

Sapporo Ichiban Seafood ramen with cute Pikachu kamaboko and corn! Soy sauce flavored ramen with chicken and pork extract soup with rich onion and garlic. Served with a roasted corn flavor. It contains one of the 20 Pokémon stickers to collect!

Ottotto x Pokemon - Salt

Price €2.39

Ottotto and Pokemon collaboration!  Addictive salty snack, very light in texture, and non-fry recipe! It has a Pokemon hollow shape, you can find a total of 45 species!

Juice Gumi - Salty Lychee

Price €2.30

The mellow sweetness of lychee is combined with a salty, refreshing taste. A delicious and natural soft gummy that taste like real fruit, nothing artificial tasting about them. Meiji's "100% fruit juice series" are made from 100% concentrate fruit juice, no artificial colorings or ingredients....

Pucho - Ball & Ramune

Price €2.53

Three kinds of Pucho ball with ramune! Soda, cola and peach flavored balls with a soda flavored ramune inside. Crispy on the outside and al dente on the inside.

Chip Star - Seafood

Price €2.35

Fine potato chips flavoured with seafood Potato flavor is combined with seafood flavor to create a delicious seafood flavor that leaves a lasting impression. A blend of spices is used in the dough to give it an enhanced taste. Enjoy the rich flavours of Chipstar's shrimp, scallops and calamari.

Puré Gummy PREMIUM - Green...

Price €2.24

Premium Green Apple flavor. Heart-shaped candies are covered with a layer of tart sugar and filled with fruit jelly. Contains a generous 20% of "Ōrin" apple juice from Aomori*. Enjoy a rewarding piece of fruit that melts in your mouth. The bag is resealable so you can easily store them. WARNING...

Black sundae - Vanilla Thunder

Price €0.78

Black Sundae" is a summer-only flavor that is a cross between "Sundae", a combination of chocolate and soft ice cream, and "Black Thunder". "Black Sundae" is the ultimate summer treat, with its crunchy texture and soft ice cream flavor. WARNING with the summer heat, this product may melt during...