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Tirol Choco - Sweet Tirol Cup

Price ¥780

A cup full of 40 mini chocolates Tirol individually wrapped! You will find a total of 6 different flavours:Coffee Nougat, Milk, Crunchy Biscuit, White Chocolate Mochi, Strawberry Marshmallow & Milk Cream Filled.

Pocky Premium - Strawberry...

Price ¥390

A luxurious Pocky stick with a double layer of strawberry chocolate and a slightly bitter cocoa biscuit! Only available this season ! Large pack of 10 individual bags of 2 Pocky each. 

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Kit Kat Snax - Sweet & Salty

Price ¥250

Kit Kat Snax, the first KitKat release that mixes sweet and salty! A mix of 3 types of snacks: Your bite-sized Kit Kat chocolate balls, salty roasted almonds, and rich cheese flavored soybeans.

Sakusaku Panda - Strawberry

Price ¥190

Sakusaku Panda Strawberry chocolate on a cute panda shaped biscuits. Each of these little guys has a different expression. There are 70 kinds of Panda's faces! Try some today! :) -_- :D ;)