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Kit Kat mini - Easter Banana

Price ¥430

New Kit Kat mini Special Easter edition Banana flavor. Special packaging for coloring! 4 different designs. One package contains 12 pairs of individually wrapped Mini Kit Kat. Each individual package contains 2 separate Kit Kat mini bars, perfect for sharing! *New Eco-friendly wrapper made of...

Jaga Choco

Price ¥190

Chocolate-covered potato chips. Unexpectedly delicious! If you've ever imagined what a potato chip covered in creamy milk chocolate would taste like, then wonder no more! Jaga Choco brings you that experience in their chocolate-covered chips! Seriously, try some today, and you won't be...

Hajikete - Melon

Price ¥106

Japanese carbonated soft drink without sweeteners or coloring, melon flavored. By Sangaria, the manufacturer of Ramune-kun!

Shigekix Oni - Demon Slayer

Price ¥130

Onishi Shigekix All-in-One Energy Drink taste, in collaboration with the TV anime Demon Slayer: "Kimetsu no Yaiba" ! Very very sour little hard gummies! The new Shigekix are the image of Jiro’s "total concentration" breath. Is it possible to eat Shigekix and practice "total concentration...


Price ¥106

Known as "marble soda" outside of Japan, ramune is famous for being in those nifty bottles that you open by pushing a marble down into the neck of the bottle. Sometimes opening it can difficult, and you get a nice refreshing soda shower. Luckily, you can try this summer classic from a can! :)...

Fanta Grape

Price ¥134

Crisp and refreshing, Fanta Grape is the best way to chill out and stay cool this summer! 350ml of fun! Get some today when you order your Discovery Pack, and have a perfect day! :)

Onigiri Mix - Salmon

Price ¥185

Tired of the same old boring onigiri (riceballs)? Then jazz 'em up with some salmon and seaweed! Simply mix into cooked rice, shape, and enjoy! One pack is enough to make 10 riceballs, so let's get cooking and eating! :) No more boring riceballs for us! 

e-ma - Fruits Mix (4)

Price ¥200

e-ma - Fruit Mix. Enriched with vitamin C and xylitol, these sweets are composed of two layers that protect a flux core. Very yummy! Also they come in a cool capsule-like dispenser. New apple, grape, orange, peach and mango flavors are awesome! 

Fettuccine - Peach

Price ¥120

Bourbon Fettuccine gummies - peach flavor. Chewy candy sugar-coated with a light sour flavor. It's like a candy version of fettucine but better. Try some today and smile. :)

Puku Puku Tai - Strawberry

Price ¥70

Wafer with a light strawberry flavor filled with an aerated strawberry chocolate, similar to Aero, and shaped like a Taiyaki (traditional Japanese fish-shaped cake).

Kabayaki Taro

Price ¥28

Dried eel, yes dried eel! Actually, it's pretty good! Eel is a crowd favorite here in Japan, so get some and be in for the win! Can be eaten alone or on rice. :)     

Kit Kat mini - Ocean Salt

Price ¥430

Kit Kat Summer 2020 limited edition. Savor the exquisite balance of sweetness from premium white chocolate and sea salt from the Seto Inland Sea blended into a creamy filling. By buying one package, you will be donating 10 yen to support the activities of NPO “Zero Waste Japan” ! There are 4...

Marshmallows - Blueberry

Price ¥150

Delicious marshmallows with a melting core of blueberry sauce. Try roasting some of these over the campfire for a delicious flavor experience! Pick up some today! 

Choco Ball - Caramel

Price ¥100

Kyoro-chans Choco Balls are the best! Delicous balls of caramel coated in a fine milk chocolate, once you pop the lid on these little gems it hard to stop eating! And Kyoro-chan the Choco Ball mascot is with you all the way peeking out at you from the pack. What a cute little fella. :) P.S....

Puchitto Grape

Price ¥120

Pucchito Grape soft candy is fun to eat and tastes great too! You can pick one grape off the bunch or eat the bunch whole! Great grape taste that makes you say, "Yum!" :)

Oreo Crispy - Sakura...

Price ¥325

New Japan-exclusive flavor: Sakura Chiffon Cake Nabisco Japan Crispy Oreos have a thin cocoa cookie portion and a delicious sakura-flavored cream filling. The cream isn’t overwhelmingly sweet and has a unique balance with a subtle hint of saltiness, which blends well with the faintly bitter yet...

Choco Ball - Peanuts

Price ¥100

Many companies sell chocolate coated peanuts, but no one does it better then Morinaga! Since 1913, Morinaga has been refining the art of making chocolate! Over 100 years of experience in the field of sweetness is hard to beat! Do yourself a favor and try some, seriously! 

Jagarico - Cheese

Price ¥162

Jagarico - Cheese, salty potato sticks and cheese flavor! You've got to try some! Seriously! One of the best snacks ever! Try some today!

Dagashi Pack

Price ¥542

Dagashi are traditional treats loved by children in Japan! In our Pack find a set of 8 random dagashi sweet and savory!