List of products by brand kadou

Big Katsu

Price €0.57

BIG KATSU!!! Delicious salty strips covered in breadcrumbs and sauce to emulate Japanese Katsu (pork cutlet). Katsu is a popular dish in Japan and a must for visitors to the country. If you can't get the real thing at home, then get the next best thing with this tasty snack! :)

Ika Taro

Price €0.65

Ika Taro is umai!!! Tasty dry squid jerky straight from the sea, dried and packed just for you. Enjoy a finger licking good time with Ika Taro! (Umai is informal Japanese for "delicious.") Try some today! :)

Kabayaki Taro

Price €0.30

Dried eel, yes dried eel! Actually, it's pretty good! Eel is a crowd favorite here in Japan, so get some and be in for the win! Can be eaten alone or on rice. :) 

Mochi Taro

Price €0.26

Dagashi Mochi Taro is a consistently popular and famous childhood snack in Japan. These cute little snack packs go well with a cold drink at the end of the day too, so they're a good choice for adults as well. ;)