List of products by brand Epoch

Mirror Collection

Price €1.84

A selection of 5 mirror designs with a chain that you are used to seeing like public baths, washbasins, beauty salons, etc.  There are 5 different designs! *Price for 1 randomly dispensed capsule toy. Note that a protective sheet is attached to the mirror, please peel it off.

Poop missile

Price €1.84

This is it! It's a colorful poop missile collection!  Place the poop on the tip, pull the lever back and pop it to trigger the poop! 6 models available, One per capsule

Very hot! I am hot peppers !

Price €1.84

Let's amuse the head with 6 kinds of chili! For those who want to be stimulated! One per capsule 1. Red pepper 2. Green pepper 3. Jolokia 4. Habanero 5. Habanero orange 6. Jalapeno