List of products by brand Epoch

Jizo Guardian Statue

Price ¥200

Japanese stone statues with peaceful features. Jizo is the Buddhist deity that protects travelers and the weak. There are 5 different designs! One random figure per capsule.

Nyanko Kitchen Part 6

Price ¥200

There are 6 different designs! Matcha waffle set, Matcha pancake set, Senbei set, Matcha tiramisu houjicha cookie set, Dorayaki set or Shiratama anmitsu houjicha set.  One random figure per capsule.

Penguin Anthropometric...

Price ¥200

Watch the growth of cute penguins together! ♡ You can play measuring the penguin's height, weight, and eyesight. When measuring the height you can use the cute fish-shaped measuring rod that moves up and down! There are 6 different designs to collect! One random figure per capsule.