List of products by brand Meiji

Gaburichuu - Ramune

Price €0.64

Gaburichuu - Ramune, a sweet chewy ramune flavored candy in a convenient stick shape for easy eating. I love these, and you will too. :) Try some today! 

Kinoko no Yama - Milk...

Price €3.04

Meiji’s classic “Kinoko no yama” delicious biscuit sticks with cute chocolate mushroom tops. “Kinoko” means mushroom in Japanese and “Yama” means mountain so these are delicious little chocolate mountain mushrooms! Try some today! 

Poifull Colorful

Price €2.35

New Poifull jelly beans assortment. Bigger size package and four flavors included: grape, raspberry, lemon, and kiwi.

Rich Matcha

Price €3.06

The perfect snack anytime, anywhere! Chocolate biscuits filled with a cream rich in green tea (51%).  

Take no Ko no Sato - Milk...

Price €3.04

Take no Ko no Sato - Milk Chocolate biscuits in the shape of bamboo shoots and covered in milk chocolate! Delicious biscuits and smooth milky chocolate. A Japanese favorite and soon to be your favorite too! These are so delicious you might want to grab 3 or 4 boxes! Try some, and you won't be...