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Kukiwakame ( Seaweed )

Price €1.52

Seasoned seaweed (wakame), eaten as a treat. Sounds nice, right? In Japan, wakame is abundantly consumed, like in miso soup, and appreciated for its many medicinal properties. There's a small toothpick attached to the back of the pack to help you eat. Enjoy the traditional taste of Japan, and...

Nori Seaweed - Plum

Price €1.33

Nori seaweed leaves flavored with plum, with real pieces of plum on the leaves. The plums come from the Kii Province, and the nori seaweed come from the Ariake Sea (Kyushu). These nori seaweed leaves are ideal for your rice preparations and your onigiri!   

Puré Gummy PREMIUM - Mango

Price €2.34

Kanro Puré premium gummies Mango.  The heart-shaped gummy candies are covered with sour sugar coating and filled with fruit jelly. The bag is resealable, so you can easily keep them fresh at all times.

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