List of products by brand Nissin

Bukkomi Meshi - Chicken Ramen

Price €3.96

Nissin takes the simple pleasure of enjoying instant ramen to the next level ! Chicken ramen broth plus rice! Chicken broth with soy sauce, steamed chicken, beaten egg, spring onions, and rice.  Preparation: Open half way the lid, add 290 of hot water, cover the lid again and wait for 5 minutes,...

Chicken Ramen

Price €2.94

Instant ramen noodles with chicken and eggs. Very popular in Japan and possibly one of your favorites too! 

Cup Noodle

Price €2.67

Instant Cup Noodle from Nissin. The one and only! For over 50 years Nissin Cup Noodle has been a staple instant noodle for generations in Japan. Pretty much every household in Japan has some in the pantry. That's a lot of noodles! Pick up some today and enjoy the taste of Japan, the noodle way. :) 

Cup Noodle - Cheese Curry

Price €2.85

Cup Noodle has improved on its Curry Cup Noodle by adding cheese in Cheese Curry Cup Noodle! Strong Japanese curry flavor is mixed with melted cheese and noodles! It's awesome! Comes in a portable cup and is easy to prep, making it a great meal when you're on the go! Do yourself a favor and try...

Cup Noodle - Curry

Price €2.85

If you like the normal Cup Noodle, then you're gonna love Cup Noodle Curry! Strong curry flavor is mixed with instant noodles! Perfect to eat anytime and easy to prepare! Do yourself a favor and try some today! 

Cup Noodle - Tom Yum

Price €3.03

The famous Japanese instant noodle cup from Nissin, here in a Tom Yum version, a Thai specialty made from shrimp and citronella.

Kare Meshi - Butter Chicken

Price €4.32

A creamy and rich curry with rice, steamed chicken, and carrots. This curry is characterized by the umami of the chicken, the richness of the butter, and the sourness of the tomatoes. A well-balanced roux with ginger and garlic notes. Level of spicness: 3/5 Open de lid a bit, add hot water...

Ramen - Soy sauce

Price €2.96

Instant ramen noodles from Nissin. Just like the noodles at an authentic Japanese ramen stand, these soy sauce flavored noodles are what you eat when you want ramen. These have thin noodles, but they're just as good! Try some today!  

UFO Yakisoba

Price €3.52

Instant Soba Noodle from Nissin. Out-of-this-world taste in a flying saucer bowl. Easy to prepare. Delivers the comforting taste of yakisoba in just a few minutes!