List of products by brand Arnest

Animal Curry Set

Price ¥990

New set to easily make with rice a cat, a panda, a frog or even a kawaii pig! Filled with accompaniments such as curry or other, make your meals more fun! The box contains two cat and panda molds, as well as two cutting stencils to make the eyes, the nose, the mustaches ...

Dream Land - Boiled Egg

Price ¥1,380

Prepare some cute boiled eggs with this unique molds. There are 4 different shapes available: heart, star, flower and diamond. Long-favored item by customers for a long time since 1985. Material: Polypropylene (thermostable 120 °C) Precautions: Cannot be used in the oven and microwave Do not put...

Ghost Onigiri Set (...

Price ¥1,000

New set to make original onigiri rice balls in the shape of cute little ghosts. The set includes the rice mold, seaweed cutters, and a cutter mat.  Perfect for lunch boxes and parties! The size of the finished rice ball is about 80g each.

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Panda Onigiri Set

Price ¥1,150

It's quick and easy to make! Kawaii pandas onigiri with this set: 2 pandas shaped rice mold and nori stampers. Shape it, stamp it, and instant panda onigiri! Make your rice cuter today and smile all day. :)

Penguin Onigiri Set

Price ¥1,000

It's quick and easy to make cute penguin onigiri with this 4-piece set: one penguin shaped rice mold and two nori cutters and a cutter mat.