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Cheetos - Flammin' Hot Cheese

Price €2.24

American puffed corn snack from Japan. Crunchy Cheese mix with the spiciness of red pepper. This is not the Flamin'Hot spicy cheese flavor from the global Cheetos, it is a Japanese original recipe! Give it a try!

Cheetos - Spicy Hot Mania

Price €2.24

"Spicy Hot Mania" is back! The hottest chili pepper from Japan, "Shin Fuji", is used to create the strongest chili flavor. As soon as you eat it, the spiciness penetrates and it tastes like hell. Please try it as an accompaniment to relieve stress. It is very spicy, so please be careful with...

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Takoyaki Tei

Price €1.79

Takoyaki Tei, puffed corn balls that taste exactly like our favorite takoyaki. This is as close as you can get to eating the real thing! You can taste the sauce, the mayonnaise, and the octopus, in the same round shape! Try some, and you'll swear it's the real taste of takoyaki!