We receive numerous questions every day, here are the frequently asked ones.

Do you run shops in France or anywhere else?

We sell online only, and we do not have any brick-and-mortar shops. Additionally, we do not participate in French or other global events as our business is based in Tokyo.

Can we become partner with Candysan?

Sure! Feel free to leave a message to talk about it. Please be aware that we receive many requests daily, and we only can offer partnerships to influential Youtubers or bloggers.

Why can’t I make orders on Totorochan anymore?

Unfortunately, we had to close Totorochan, our second online shop, due to a lack of storage space.

Why are your prices lower than other shops?

It is always complicated to explain price differences between sellers, but a major reason is most likely because we only apply a small margin to our products.

Do you sell to professional sellers?

Yes, please use our contact form to get further information.

How can we find out about a product's ingredients?

The ingredients of products are only written in Japanese on product packaging, and we do not provide translation services. If you have allergies, we strongly recommend not purchasing any products you are unfamiliar with or cannot find an ingredient list for, similar to if you’re travelling in a foreign country. When in doubt, avoid purchasing the item.

Do I need a Paypal account to order on Candysan?

You do not need any Paypal account to purchase on our website. Use your credit card by clicking the “I do not have Paypal account” link on the payment page, and you will be redirected to a payment form allowing you to use your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card.

The transaction will be completed by Paypal, even though a Paypal account is not required. For such transactions, Paypal sometimes “pushes” our users to register on their website for “security reasons.” This problem can usually be avoided by using a different browser.

My order has been divided into two boxes, but I have only received one so far. Why?

Often, two packages sent on the same day can get separated while being handled by the postal carrier and delay the second package for a few days. There is nothing to be worried about. The second package usually arrives soon after the first one has arrived.

When will my order arrive?

If you chose the EMS shipping method, your package will be delivered within 10 business days after it has been shipped. It usually takes 3 to 6 business days for Europe and North America.

For the Economy Air (SAL), it will usually arrive within 10 days to 3 weeks, according to information provided by the Japanese postal service.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

Except for rare circumstances, we ship orders within 48 hours, and most are prepared in less than 24 hours.

Can you give me a tracking number for my package?

If you chose the EMS shipping method, we will email you a tracking number as soon as we ship your package. If you did not receive this email, please check your spam folder, as it is an automated email. For the Economy SAL, however, please note tracking is not available.

In some countries (e.g. France), the postal service usually asks for a "parcel number," which is different from the tracking number, in order to look for a lost package; however, this number is assigned in the destination country. Japan Post does not provide this number, so we also cannot provide a "parcel number."

In the case that you need to get your parcel at the post office, and they cannot locate your package via the tracking number provided, please tell the postal worker that your package comes from foreign country and that there is no "parcel number" available. They will have to use your name and address to find it.

I did not get any e-mail regarding the status of my order.

We always send automated emails for when your order is being prepared and shipped. Also, we send automated emails to inform you about your tracking number if you chose the EMS shipping method. We also send an automated email if we had to divide your order into several boxes. You should receive at least three different emails from us regarding your purchase on Candysan.

If not, we recommend to check if your email address is correct in your account on Candysan. Then, make sure that our emails have not been redirected to your spam/junk folder.

Please note, you can check your order status anytime from your Candysan account.

I didn’t find any present in my package even though I usually get one, why?

We do our best to satisfy our customers by adding a small free present to orders. Sometimes the present is not provided if it increases the shipping cost.

My package has not been delivered yet. What’s going on?

We prepare all orders as fast as possible; however, once the parcel has been sent, delivery time depends fully on the postal service and customs of your country. We cannot take any action in the transportation and delivery process after the package has left Candysan.

If you chose the EMS shipping method, your order should reach you within 10 business days. Please note that you can track your package anytime by using the tracking number and URL we provide in an automated email. If your package is being held up for some reason, details will be displayed on the tracking website.

If you chose the Economy SAL shipping method, the package cannot be tracked once it has been sent. Postal services usually deliver packages within 3 weeks, but it is not unusual for delivery to be delayed due to customs checks or issues at your local postal office, including holidays.

If your package has not arrived after 3 weeks, first, you should check your Candysan account and make sure you registered a valid postal address. If you made a mistake, we recommend contacting your nearest post office for further information. On our side, we are unable to change your address after your package has been shipped. If your address is valid, please make sure your package is not waiting for you at the post office. It is possible to miss the delivery attempt notification if you were not available at the time of a delivery attempt. Make sure to notify your post office that your package comes from Japan and that it does not have a tracking number.

If your package has not arrived after 4 weeks, it might have been returned to Japan. This happens when the mail carrier has difficulty trying to reach you or if you did not retrieve your package from the post office in time. (Post offices usually keep a package for 2 - 3 weeks before they return it to the sender.) In that case, your parcel might need 1 - 3 months from the shipping date to be returned to our office in Japan. We will contact you at that time to discuss resending your package. Please note that you might have to pay for the shipping fee again, depending on the reason for return.

In rare cases, if your parcel got lost, stolen, or delivered to the wrong person, we will not be able to help you if you chose the uninsured Economy SAL shipping method for your purchase.
If you chose the EMS shipping method, you can always make a claim to your nearest post office in order to use the insurance provided by the carrier. Don’t forget to provide your tracking number in that case.

Some stats:

- Less than 1% of Candysan packages are returned to Japan. Of 10 returned packages, 7 are returned due to being “unclaimed,” usually because the addressee did not find the delivery attempt notice left by the mail carrier. 2 are returned because of an invalid address, and 1 is returned for other reasons.

- Less than 0.1% of our packages are lost by the postal service. In that case, we cannot provide further information on the status of your package. In order to avoid delivery issues, we recommend adding as much information as possible in your shipping address, including phone number, door digital code, etc., especially when using the EMS.

What is the Candysan Insurance?

Candysan insurance covers delivery problems on "Economy SAL" packages.

If an order does not arrive or is returned to Japan in whole or in part, we ship it again for free, and we replace damaged products as well as products having a close expiry date.

Candysan insurance works in all cases when a package is lost or returned to Japan due to a delivery problem, regardless of the reason for return. Examples: unclaimed package, incomplete address, address not found, wrong directions, etc.

The insurance does not apply if the customer deliberately refuses a parcel, except for when the box is damaged.

If a parcel is returned to Japan, the return period is 1 to 3 months from the date of order. The package is reshipped after it has returned to Japan and after confirmation of the delivery address by the customer, if necessary.

A package is considered lost if it has not reached its destination or returned to Japan after 90 days (3 months). After this period, any claim must be made within 30 days (1 month),  the order can then be sent again or refunded in the form of credit. The time of complaint passed, no request for compensation will be accepted. 

Candysan insurance works on a maximum of 3 packages per order, on orders with shipping costs equal to or less than 7,300 yen (about 62 euros).

The insurance can only be used once per order.