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Awa Awa Slime Jelly Kit


New DIY kit to make jelly slime! It foams! Grape flavor.

Each bags contains: 2 containers, 1 spoon, 2 small bags for the preparation.


Weight: 35g

Manufacturer: Meigum


1) Separate the two containers, rinse with clear water to remove any dust and wipe. Fill the smallest container with water up to the first line from the bottom (about 10 mL). Add the powder from the blue bag, and turn gently with the spoon to mix at least twenty times. The foam starts to appear
2) In the large container, fill with water up to the second line from the bottom (about 40 mL). Then pour the powder from the purple bag and mix gently until the mixture turns blue.
3) Add Preparation 1) to Preparation 2) and mix gently until it becomes pink. It's ready.


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Awa Awa Slime Jelly Kit

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