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Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla

Price ¥109

New! A world premiere, and only sold in Japan, Coca-Cola with Orange Vanilla flavor is now available on Candysan! Limited edition!! Watch out for the shipping fees, sold in 500ml bottles this product is very heavy and expensive to ship.

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Puku Puku Tai - Zombie...

Price ¥75

Light wafer generously filled with airy chocolate. The wafer has the shape of a Taiyaki (traditional Japanese fish-shaped cake). Blackcurrant flavor.

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Pureral - Pear

Price ¥155

Feel as if you were being hugged by a Pureral Gummy fairy! Pureral Gummy Pear. Limited Edition Made with Japanese ripe pear juice. Pureral is a combination of a light and airy gummy and a jello-like jiggly gummy to create a gummy with a soft texture. As you relax and feel “everything is all...

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Smoky Pretz - Smoked Bacon

Price ¥155

Since virtual gatherings have become the new normal, Pretz is bringing this fancy appetizer to enjoy it in the comfort of your home while you chat with friends and family! Pretz with smoked bacon kneaded tightly to create an intense flavor with a firm taste and aroma. Probably the fanciest Pretz...

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Trick or Tirol Choco Box -...

Price ¥1,250

Assortment of 56 mini chocolates Tirol presented in individual packaging, Halloween edition! Pumpkin & biscuit, coffee & nougat, milk, bloody strawberry, white chocolate & cookie, biscuit

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Toppo - Halloween

Price ¥195

Toppo Halloween edition! Crunchy pretzel biscuit filled with creamy milk chocolate. It's like Pocky, but in reverse!

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Tirol Choco - Sweet Halloween

Price ¥780

Assortment of 40 mini chocolates Tirol presented in individual packaging, Halloween edition! Pumpkin & biscuit, coffee & nougat, milk, bloody strawberry, white chocolate & cookie, biscuit. 

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Surprise Pouch - Halloween

Price ¥2,173

The surprise pack gets the colors of the Halloween holidays with a new special edition!! The surprise pack is the best way to be sure to please or have fun. The content of each pack is different and all the treats have been selected by Candysan for their taste and originality. If you order...

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Ghost Onigiri Set (...

Price ¥1,000

New set to make original onigiri rice balls in the shape of cute little ghosts. The set includes the rice mold, seaweed cutters, and a cutter mat.  Perfect for lunch boxes and parties! The size of the finished rice ball is about 80g each.

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CandysanBox September

Price ¥2,878

Last chance to receive the September CandysanBox! In this seasonal assortment you'll find the very Japanese sweets! As usual there are 14 snacks and sweets to discover, plus a nice Japanese gift. SHIPPED SEPARATELY FROM YOUR ORDER AND IN D-MAIL ONLY!! THIS IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION, TO SUBSCRIBE GO...

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Cat Bonnet (6) - Halloween

Price ¥500

Also dress up your cat for Halloween with these adorable hats specially designed for their cute little heads! Five Halloween cat bonnets to collect. One bonnet per capsule.

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Koala no machi - Halloween

Price ¥150

Koala no Machi chocolate filling. Limited Edition. “Koara no Machi” (“Koala’s March”) are filled chocolate cookies shaped Koala. Not only are they super yummy, but the little pictures on them are adorable. Regarding texture, these tasty bites are light and crisp with a soft melting center.  Very...

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Sumo Omikuji

Price ¥300

Pretty little sumo-shaped lucky figures. There is also in the capsule an "omikuji" (divination written on a small sheet of paper). There are 3 different designs! One random figure per capsule.

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Jizo Guardian Statue

Price ¥200

Japanese stone statues with peaceful features. Jizo is the Buddhist deity that protects travelers and the weak. There are 5 different designs! One random figure per capsule.

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Hi-Chew - Saturn peach & Plum

Price ¥215

Soft and chewy Japanese candy, sold in Japan since 1975. Pack of 12. Enjoy two tastes in one, Saturn peach and Japanese Sumomo Plum. Feel the change in taste with the two layers a great flavor fusion for late summer! 

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