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Black Black

Price €1.33 €1.56

Black Black caffeine-enriched chewing gums. Need a bit of a pick up and some gum at the same time? It's that shot of caffeine you need, in gum form! Pack of 9.

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Demon Slayer - Long...

Price €2.85 €3.59

Long metallic Demon Slayer collectible sticker. Each package contains three shiny stickers and a chewing gum, soda flavor. 32 kinds to collect!

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Kit Kat mini - Mango

Price €3.68 €5.52

Mango Chocolate Mini Kit Kat for summer! Enjoy the sweet taste of mango! CAUTION with the summer heat, this product may melt during transport.

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Mentos - Salty Lychee

Price €1.38 €1.75

Mentos Salty lychee is a limited edition perfect for summer, with a slightly sweet and fruity lychee flavor and slightly salty accents. The exquisite taste of the seasonal lychee and the saltiness spread in a refreshing way.

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Pocky - Happy Blueberry

Price €2.30 €3.04

A blue pocky with a pink heart-shaped pretzel covered in blueberry flavored chocolate. May the sweet and sour taste of the blue berries of happiness, inspired by the fairy tale "The Blue Bird", bring happiness to many people.

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Pocky - Winter Sparkle

Price €2.30 €3.04

Richly flavored "burnt butter" is incorporated into both the chocolate and pretzel, and the chocolate is coated with salt to give it extra depth of flavor. This flavor is only available this winter!

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Puré Gummy - Pikachu & Piplup

Price €2.12 €2.58

New limited edition in collaboration with Pokémon! The Pikachu-shaped "Denki Tropika Flavor" gummies are made with pineapple and mango juice, combined with a soda flavor reminiscent of the "Electric Tale" used by Pikachu. The Piplup-shaped gummy bears a refreshing flavor made with muscat and...

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Tumbler Spirited Away...

Price €17.55 €21.23

Spirited Away eco-friendly tumbler mug. This mug is made from high grade stainless steel, the rubber bottom cup to prevent spills. It's vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold in summer and hot in winter. Capacity: 300 ml Mesures: 7.2 x 13.6 cm NOT dishwasher or microwave safe

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