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Black Black

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Black Black caffeine-enriched chewing gums. Need a bit of a pick up and some gum at the same time? It's that shot of caffeine you need, in gum form! Pack of 9.

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Chocolat Tart Pig Cookie...

Price €4.80 €7.56

Awesome Chocolate tart cookies from Osaka, shaped like little piggly wigglys ! Best served with a cup of milk or coffee! Channeling Kansai region funky vibe, featuring the pigs dressed as Osaka grannies with its characteristic loud fashion, leopard-print bloused, and purple hair!! Box of 9...

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Demon Slayer Gummy - Yoghurt

Price €3.88 €6.64

Official “Devil's Blade" gummy with the character print on the gummies: Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu and Inosuke. Refreshing treats with a unique flavour that reminds us of Calpis drink. Enjoy this mix of sweet and tangy notes with a super-smooth texture! Pack of 10 little pieces of chewy delight...

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Evangelion Red - Print...

Price €6.72 €9.48

Box of 8 print cookies featuring EVANGELION Girls presented in a beautiful red metallic box.  *Evangelion officially licensed product!

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