Miso Soup - Tonjiru


Instant Tonjiru miso soup. One individual portion.

Tonjiru is a hearty soup of slowly stewed slices of pork mixed with root vegetables like burdock, carrot, onion, green onion and served in a barley miso soup broth. The soup has a rich flavour and plenty of body compared to other miso soups available in Candysan.

Goes great paired with some Japanese instant rice available also in Candysan!


■ Preparation: Put the contents in a bowl, pour boiling water into the bowl (about 160 ml) and stir gently.

The advantages of freeze-dry dishes are multiple. The freeze-drying process removes water from food without degrading it. The dishes retain their appearance, taste and all their nutritional qualities. Deprived of water and hermetically sealed, the lyophilized products can be stored simply, at room temperature, and for long months. They are also considerably reduced, which reduces transport costs. Finally, to prepare them nothing more simple, just pour hot water and wait a few seconds.

Developed by astronauts and popularized by hikers around the world, freeze-dried dishes have not stopped evolving to offer surprising quality in Japan today.

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Miso Soup - Tonjiru