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Tev selected his favorites products to propose them in this Best of Tev Pack!

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1 x Koala no machi - Chocolate
Koala no machi - Chocolate

The famous Koala's March (Koara no Māchi) is a cute bite-sized cookie snack with a sweet chocolate filling inside.

1 x Chicken Ramen Potato Sticks
Chicken Ramen Stick Potato

Enjoy chicken and egg flavor ramen in potato chip form! These chicken and egg flavored ramen potato sticks are awesome! Try some today and enjoy the taste of Japanese ramen! 

1 x Tyrant Habanero Spicy Rings
Tohato Spicy Rings

Tohato spicy rings. One of the hottest chips around! Since 2003, these flaming rings of death have been burning their way around Japan! Don't be deceived by the first bite, the after burn bites back! Have a taste. We dare you. ;) Spice indicator: 5/5.

1 x Super Cola
Super Cola

Super sour cola hard candy. A super sour outside melts away to a classic cola flavor and ends with fizzy goodness. Family pack with pop art design. Each piece is individually wrapped.

1 x m&m's Crispy
m&m's Crispy

m&m's Crispy are a special kind of m&m with puffed rice centers. They're a delight to munch on with a fun and crisp bite. They're really hard to stop eating once you start. Grab a bag today and dig in! :)


1 x Shigekix Super - Lemon
Shigekix Super - Lemon

Very, very sour little chewy candies! Bigger in size than regular Shigekix! In Japanese, "Shigekix" is a mixture of "excitement" and "kick," so this is a treat to wake you up with a kick! Get a sour pick-me-up today and have some fun! :D

1 x Puré Gummy - Muscat
Puré Gummy - Muscat

Kanro Puré gummies - muscat flavor. Chewy candy coated with sugar and with a light sour flavor.


1 x Super Mario Gumi
Super Mario Gumi

"It's-a me, Mario!" Mario-shaped gummies in cola and ramune (Japanese lemon soda) flavors! Most are shaped like Mario, but if you're lucky, you might get a cool mystery character!

1 x e-ma - Fruits Mix (4)
e-ma - Fruits Mix (4)

e-ma - Fruit Mix. Enriched with vitamin C and xylitol, these sweets are composed of two layers that protect a flux core. Very yummy! Also they come in a cool capsule-like dispenser. New apple, grape, orange, peach and mango flavors are awesome! 


1 x Yellow Green Honey - Shiquwasa (45g)
Yellow Green Honey - Shiquwasa (45g)

The favorite honey of much of Candysan's staff. Very fruity and different from all the honeys you know. The shiquwasa is a citrus from southern Japan close to lime.


1 x Fruits Monster - Mix
Fruits Monster - Mix

Flat acidoulous candy with a nice mix flavour : Apple, Watermeloon, Melon !


1 x Denroku Mame
Denroku Mame

Peanuts wrapped in a crispy slightly sweet shell!

1 x Caramel Corn
Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn, original flavor with peanuts. A puffed corn snack that's sweet, but not too sweet. Be careful though: it's a snack that's dangerously hard to stop eating!

1 x Pocky Almond Crush
Pocky Almond Crush

I have a Almond Pocky Crush! Almond Crush Pocky is awesome! These crunchy, chunky chocolate dipped sticks are almost too yummy! If you love regular Pocky then you'll fall in love with Pocky Almond Crush! Share happiness! :)


Best Of Tev
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03/4/2019 Gwendal L. Vraiment bien, plein de choses tellement bon à découvrir dans ce pack ainsi que dans les 3 autres packs de la team, je recommande ! :)

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